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The first geological - economical maps were sketches of mineral deposits in the scale of 1 : 100 000, prepared during construction of DGMP. The first autonomous map sheets: Kielce and Chęciny, in the scale of 1 : 50 000, appeared in 1990. Since 1997, systematic construction of the map begun in accordance with the approved instruction. It is financed by the National Fund of Environmental Protection and Water Management

The map is a cartographic presentation of mineral deposits distribution and development against selected elements of mining and mineral processing, hydrogeology, engineering geology, nature, landscape and cultural monuments. Map is constructed in cartographic projection "1942".

The aim of the map is presentation of:

  • perspectives and prognosis of the deposits appearance,
  • classification of mineral deposits and state of their development,
  • present and potential natural hazards connected with the appearance of mineral deposits, their exploitation and mineral processing,
  • selected hydrogeological elements for the groundwater protection purposes,
  • objects and areas protected by law,
  • conditions of the building subsurface.

Map is foreseen for the territorial planning purposes and might be used by the local and regional administration.

Map consists of:

  • the main sheet, comprehensive explanatory text, with tables and complementary maps (the maps background contains physiographic units, geological conditions, major groundwater basins, European nature protection systems in the scale of 1 : 50 000),
  • the mineral deposits computer data base.

Polish Geological Institute is the chief co-ordinator and executor of GEMP. Subcontractors of GEMP includes geological enterprises, smaller companies and scientific institutions.

GEMP co-ordination system includes:

  • Scientific editor,
  • Chief Co-ordinator of GEMP,
  • Regional co-ordinators in Warsaw and PGI Branches.
  • Editorial team,
  • Map computerisation Team,

Authors' version of the particular sheets of the Geological - Economical Map of Poland is accepted by the Commission of Cartographic Works; after that it is processed by the editorial and computerisation teams.

Content of the GEMP explanatory notes:

  • GENERAL: Map frame; state border, voivodeship border, gmina border, towns; seat of the gmina office, seat of the town office;
  • MINERAL DEPOSITS; energy raw materials, metallic ores, chemical raw materials, building raw materials;
  • ENVIRONMENTAL CLASSIFICATION OF MINERAL DEPOSITS; non-interfering; partly interfering; fully interfering;
  • EXPLORATION, MINING AND MINERAL PROCESSING: boundary of prospective area; boundary of prognostic area; boundary of non-prospective area; boundary of mineral reserves, recognised in A+B+C1 categories; boundary of mineral reserves, recognised in C2 category ; boundary of the registered mineral reserves; mine; open cast mine and its name; mine shaft and its name; natural gas exploitation shaft; oil exploitation shaft; boundary of the mining area; boundary of the mining terrain; processing plants; waste damps; places of mineral deposit occurrence (selected exploration areas with the existing information chart);
  • WATER: spring, spring systematically watched, source area, watershed boundary; surface water intake; groundwater intake; medicinal and mineral water intake; thermal water intake; retention groundwater reservoir; river water quality classes; places of mining water dropping; boundary of major groundwater basin; boundary of the area with degraded groundwater quality; boundary of depression cone; health resort; boundary of the health resort protected zone "C"; boundary of the medicinal and mineral water mining area; external terrain boundary of the groundwater intake protected zone;
  • CONDITIONS OF BUILDING BASEMENT: favourable conditions; non favourable conditions; mining damages;
  • NATURE, LANDSCAPE AND HISTORICAL MONUMENTS PROTECTION: arable lands (I-IVa classes); meadows; protected forests; economic forests; organised green lands; boundary of national (existing, planned) park; boundary of national park protected zone; boundary of the landscape (existing, planned) park; boundary of the landscape park protected zone; boundary of the protected landscape areas; boundary of the nature - landscape zone; boundary of the nature (existing, planned) reserve; monumental trees alley; animated nature monument (existing, planned); unanimated nature monument (existing, planned); ecological use; rural park; position, document of unanimated nature (existing and proposed); erratic boulders with >1.5 m diameter; caves; archaeological post; boundary of the monumental architectural complex; monumental protected objects; summer place;
  • SEA COAST ZONE: beach sediments; coastal dunes; sediments of storm (backward) deltas; sediments of alluvial cones; boundary of zone of the re-deposited seabed sediments; boundary of zone of the predominant seabed sediments erosion; dominant sediment transport direction; cliff coast: stabilised, eroded; dune coast: stabilised, eroded; artificial beach nourishment; hydrotechnical construction: band, breakwater, pier; internal water boundary; kilometric description of the coast line; isobaths (every 5 m); fairways; boundary of area with average number days with ice; boundary of areas of the ice bank creation; boundary of the saline water appearances zone within the used aquifer; post-dredging pit boundary; boundary of active, dredged material dumping ground area; boundary of closed, dredged material dumping ground area (closing year) Institute of Meteorology and Water Management measurement stations; harbours; small harbours and landing places; lighthouses.

Contact persons:

  • Chief Co-ordinator of GEMP - Dr. Małgorzata Sikorska - Majkowska
    Tel 849 53 51 ext. 555; e-mail: mmay@pgi.waw.pl

  • Attendance - Iwona Walentek, M.Sc.
    Tel 849 53 51 ext. 547

  • GEMP computerisation - Sylwia Tarwid-Maciejowska, M.Sc.
    Tel. 849 53 51 ext. 101; e-mail: smac@pgi.waw.pl

Principles of accession:

    GEMP is not printed. GEMP sheets are available according to general principles of distribution for publications in digital form, see: accession